It’s time to sell your Fort Wayne home. You call Amanda and Jared with Century 21 Bradley, and we come out and chat with you about price, a few upgrades you can make, and the market.

We then schedule a time to come back out, do paperwork, and have our professional photographer do his thing.

Here’s a short list of things that we PROMISE will not be included in the pictures of your home…

1. Cars.

2. Trash cans.

3. Pets.

4. People.

5. Reflections of people..

6. Photographer’s finger.

7. Toilet seats that are up.

8. Tons of toys.

9. Any kind of blur.

10. Any kind of crookedness.

11. Animal heads on walls.

12. Close up of a tile floor.

13. Close up of a doorknob.

14. Camera flash in the bathroom mirror.

15. Snow outside when it’s summer.

16. Close up of a tree or a bush.

17. A fridge full of magnets.

18. A counter top full of clutter.

19. A bathroom counter with personal items all over it.

20. An upward angled shot of the living room where it looks like our photographer fell down.

21. Sideways pictures that weren’t uploaded properly.

22. Blurry ceiling fan blades because the fan is on high.

23. Time stamps.

24. The neighbors.

25. Exterior photos with a shadow of our photographer.

26. A panoramic view that makes your 10 X 14 kitchen look like a 2,000 square foot kitchen.

27. The side view mirror of our photographer’s car on an exterior picture because he was too lazy to get out.

28. Tiny pictures that were improperly uploaded.

29. A toilet in an old, unfinished basement, trying to play it off as a half bath.

30. TVs that are on.

We’re sure there are more, but these are the top 30 that we could think of on a whim. Of course some of these things are our photographer’s responsibility as a professional, and some of them are our responsibility and our suggestions are relayed to our sellers.

Either way, you won’t see any of these on our listings, because when you hire our team, we do it right.

We would love to include examples of these “what not do to” pictures, but we don’t have any that are ours. Instead, we’ll include a few links to what we do for our clients, and for what our photographer does for all of us.

Here is a beautiful home on 5 acres that we sold in Markle, Indiana.

Here is one we recently sold in Northeast Fort Wayne.

Here’s one that we sold in a classic neighborhood in Fort Wayne.

Here’s one that we sold in Southwest Allen County in Fort Wayne.

Here’s one that we sold in Leo, Indiana.

We think we’re getting our point across. PICTURES MATTER! We aren’t great photographers, so we hire it out. As you can see, it’s well worth the money.

Even if you’re new and can’t afford to hire it out, make sure your pictures are clean, crisp, have good lighting, and don’t include anything on our short list.

Do you have anything to add to the list?


Fort Wayne Realtors Jared and Amanda Christiansen with Century 21 Bradley

Amanda and Jared Christiansen are award winning Realtors with Century 21 Bradley Realtors in Fort Wayne.

Enough about us…

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